Banff Post-Wedding Adventure Session

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Lauren & David


Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session

Banff Post-Wedding Adventure Session

When Lauren and David got in touch with us wanting to do a Banff Post-Wedding Adventure Session we couldn’t wait to be a part of it all! Lauren’s grandfather was from Alberta and she fell in love with the Canadian Rockies after traveling to the mountains with her family. These two are from Brooklyn, New York, and got married last year. Even though it was a perfect day it rained consistently all day preventing them from getting the outdoor photos they had dreamed of. Rather than dwelling on the weather, these two decided it was a great excuse to go somewhere amazing for their first anniversary and get some epic wedding photos. They decided that Banff National Park was the perfect spot to do this! 

Their Story

These two have a pretty sweet story to how they met. Lauren noticed David every morning on their morning commute on the subway. It took her months to build up the courage but she finally struck up a conversation with David. He told us he was glad she did that day because the next week he was changing jobs and therefore his morning commute meaning he might not have ever seen her again. 

Taking Wedding Photos in Banff National Park

On a traditional wedding day we are usually fighting the time. The ceremony ends and there is only a certain amount of time in the early afternoon for portraits. We love doing Post Wedding Adventure Sessions as it allows us to have a little more control over the timing and location of the photos. We can choose the time of day when the sun is low and the light is perfect. You have unlimited choices of locations and can take your time really enjoying the experience of exploring some amazing places. Lauren and David were staying at the Johnston Canyon Bungalows while they were in the area. David was recovering from a knee surgery so they told us this was their first trip where they didn’t have much planned. Enjoying taking it each day at a time and being flexible with their plans. They took the time to check out some new locations and views before our shoot finding locations that felt meaningful to them. On the day of their shoot we got lucky with a beautiful afternoon. With some sun streaming through the trees and a little bit of cloud cover creating dramatic lighting on the surrounding mountains. We had such a fun time exploring the mountains with these two lovely people and we feel so lucky that we were able to create these memories for them!

Banff Mountain View Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Photo of leaves Wedding Photo on Banff Bridge Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Bride and Groom walking photo Bride and Groom holding hands Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Banff Post Wedding Adventure SessionBanff Wedding Portrait Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Bride and Groom portrait Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Bride close up portrait Banff Bride and Groom Mountains Bow Valley River Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Bride Embrace Photo Bride veil photo Bride and Groom Kiss photo Banff Post Wedding Adventure Session Bride and Groom hands rings Bride and Groom close up portriat Moraine Lake veil in the wind Moraine Lake Bride and Groom Mountain

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