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Sarah & Brent


Banff Engagement Photographers

Location Scouting as Banff Engagement Photographers

As Banff Engagement Photographers, we get super excited for sunset shoots in the mountains. There are so many incredible locations in the Rocky Mountains that make for jaw dropping backdrops. We have our favourites but also love scouting out new locations to make sure all of our couples have pictures that are unique to them. Even in the most iconic locations we like to find new and interesting angles for every adventure shoot. The mountains are always changing so its important to be able to adapt in all lighting and weather situations.

Their Story

Sarah and Brent got in contact with us early in the year to photograph their winter wedding in Canmore. They were excited to capture the amazing snowy covered mountains in January. To contrast their winter wedding shoot, they decided to do an adventure engagement shoot in the summer. We decided to go to Peyto Lake for their photos. With just a short hike, you can get the most incredible views of the brilliant blue lake and surrounding peaks. If you are daring, which Sarah and Brent were, there are rocks to hop along high above the trees which make for an amazing portrait spot. 

Adventure Engagement Shoots

When we do sessions that involve hiking we have a few tips that make it a little easier. It’s always better to hike in wearing hiking boots and clothes and carry in the clothes you want to wear. Most of our locations we shoot are isolated and there is always somewhere to duck away in the wilderness to change. Sarah and Brent brought a blanket to hold up while Sarah changed into her incredible red dress. The dress contrasted the blue lake perfectly as she wandered bare foot along the rocky landscape.

It was so lovely spending the evening with these two! Enjoying a beer together in front of this view. Doesn’t get much better than this! We can’t wait for their wedding this winter!

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Thanks for this helpful blog post! I just started following on IG and love your photography work. I was wondering if you think hiking to this specific location is manageable for a maternity session? I’m curious about that amazing rock tip photo op in particular!

Thanks Ely! I wouldn’t suggest getting up on the point for a maternity session but there are a ton of options for great photos around the area. Peyto Lake will be closing mid August for construction so I would go soon if you plan on going!

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